Sunday, November 29, 2009

Painting the Nite Sky

 For centuries, man has looked into the starry skies of night with a sense of wistful bewilderment, wonder, and intrigue. From the abstract rendering of Picasso’s “Starry night” to the sublime musings of Salvador Dali, artists have always sought to unravel the mystery of our celestial ceiling. Hannon Designs follows that tradition, treading the line between traditional artistry and home renovation with a true sense of balance.

            Hannon Designs is a multifaceted decorative arts company that specializes in original artistic endeavors.  Their rendering of the night sky is indicative of the company’s foray in new stratospheres both literally and figuratively. To achieve the depth and infinite nature of space, color upon color fills the palette, each one washed upon the surface of the ceiling & walls. Hannon Designs espouses a style unlike others in their field, using contemporary concepts complimented with old world styles to create their own indelible mark on Houston’s decorative arts landscape. The company sees each project is a unique opportunity to convey the vision of the client, synthesizing vision with delicate balances of color, line & texture.

 Shrouding interiors in the cloak of night, Hannon Designs makes an otherwise bland room teem with the infinite possibilities of untouched, vast wilderness. It’s no wonder that art-lovers turn to Hannon Designs to transform their home theater rooms into something quite outside the norm or, conversely, of comfortable times past. Of carefree nights at drive-ins now long closed, peering into both summer sky and movie screen alike, feeling curious and refreshed. Of sitting on an old friend’s porch and not a light for miles, head swimming with possibilities while gazing into that endless array of stars. Like good art, the depth of night is timeless. Hannon Designs creates both.          

            The brainchild of musician Gary Hannon, Hannon Designs has been in the business of improving home d├ęcor for over 14 years. During that time, Hannon has developed his own techniques in the art of faux while complimenting his style by constantly staying abreast of new developments in the art world. The company creates custom faux finishes, mural art, cabinets, stones and marbles, plasters, and fine art all studiously supervised by Hannon himself.


            Recently partnering with Hannon is artist Lore Bellon. Bellon comes into the fold with a wealth of artistic knowledge and experience to heighten the reach and aim of Hannon Designs. A student of painting and sculpture in New Orleans, San Diego, and Los Angeles, Bellon has also designed and created stained glass work as she pursued her Bachelor’s Degree in the visual arts. With a solid foundation and talented artists, Hannon Designs has a vision for the future as clear as the night’s sky.



Jared Mason